Summary of KY Laws __________ HSLDA Legal Analysis

Summary of IN Laws __________ HSLDA Legal Analysis

Summary of OH Laws

Ohio Administrative Code

Notification In a Nutshell
A summary of what you have to do to start homeschooling

Notification Timeline
Once you've decided to homeschool, how much time do you have to notify my local school superintendent?

Ohio Notification Regulations
The Ohio laws which define: The information that you are legally required to submit to the school board, the legal obligations of homeschooling parents and those of school officials.

Ohio Notification Form
This is the form that you have to submit to your school superintendent

Ohio Notification Form
An example of the letter to send to your school superintendent

Assessment Options
Your choices for the assessment at the end of the year

Ohio Board of Education

Ohio Home Educators Network

Family Defense Network of Ohio
Founded by a police detective, this organization helps defend the rights of families. Can a social worker enter your home without a warrant? Is spanking child abuse? FDNO will tell you the exact definitions under Ohio law and what your rights are.